Things to See Whilst in London

london-attractions-being-chauffeur-drivenLondon is one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the UK as well as being the capital of England, and it attracts a large number of tourists every year who flock to see some of the attractions that it holds. The largest number of tourists came during the Olympics but even when there isn’t an event on there are plenty of people looking around the sights whether they be old historic sites such as the tower of London and Buckingham Palace, or the new sites such as the London Eye.

There are a number of ways to see these sights; open top buses, walking tours and by boat, but you still need to get to your starting point, or to where you’re staying, and the trains and tubes can be busy and crowded, as well as being subject to delay. Many people choose to see the city in style by chauffeur driven car, as a comfortable alternative to public transport.

Some of the sights in London worth seeing have been there for hundreds of years, and offer any tourist an insight into how the city was made and has grown over the years. There are castles and palaces that royalty and aristocracy have lived in and frequented of the generations, and the city is full of classic architecture including buildings as well as the well maintained bridges that span the Thames up and down the river.

There are a number of places you can learn about the history of the UK as well, with large interactive museums such as The British Museum and The Natural History Museum. There are also alternative ways to see the history of London such as the London Dungeon, where you can see the less attractive aspects of the city such as the plague and the great fire, as well as the conditions that people lived in in poverty.

Newer attractions include the London Eye, which gives you the best overhead view of the city you can find. There are also new buildings to see including the Gherkin and the Shard.